Manusia Purba Museum

Since 1963 in Gilimanuk research conducted by experts in Indonesia, among others: Prof Dr and Prof Dr R Soejono T Jacub. The results were found hundreds of human remains which are estimated to live at the end of prehistory with the characteristic features of Ras Mongolid. Based on these results, then one action to save and use these findings akeologi Jembrana Government to build an Ancient House Museum of Man Site Gilimanuk and finished construction in 1993. Collection of goods displayed in Moesium Gilimanuk are the result of excavation, among others: Human Framework, Manik beads, bracelets made of wood and shells, small pots, jars, jugs, bowls off the ground, hook, hoe, sarcophagus etc.

How to Get To Manusia Purba Museum

  1. 3 hours from Denpasar
  2. 2 hours from Singaraja
  3. 2 hours from Tabanan Regency

What You Can See Around Manusia Purba Museum

  1. West Bali National Park, It is accessible of Gilimanuk like the main entrance to Bali of the west, and of Denpasar. This park of 77,000 hectares was established in 1941. The Lush forests still grow in the southern and western inclinations of Bali. National park of the west of Bali (covered 50,000 hectares in the western extremity with the island.
  2. Palasari DAM, the dam is functioned to control the volume and pressure of waters to avoid flood. The dam is also utilized for irrigation, fishery and recreational place. The dam is surrounded by the green natural forest within the cool refreshing air.
  3. Gilimanuk Harbor, Bali's west gateway, it is the cheapest inland way to reach Java. There are ferries that sail every minutes to deliver people and vehicle from Bali to Java. The beauty of Gilimanuk's beaches is rarely mentioned.
  4. Menjangan Island popular diving site in Bali due to its fine and preserved corals and rich aquatic animal, turquoise clear water, and very calm sea. Every divers coming to Bali emphasize on diving program in Bali will put Menjangan and Tulamben sites as the priority sites. Menjangan Island is unpopulated, but there is an old temple, supposed to originate from 14th century named “Pura Giri Kencana."
  5. Pemuteran Village is a small fishing village on the northern coast of West Bali. This is a small laid-back village which has become increasingly popular with visitors in recent years. There are a number of waterfront resorts and its proximity to Lovina and West Bali National Park together with the extreme natural beauty of the area, has fuelled quite rapid growth in tourism infrastructure in the area.