Puputan Klungkung Monument

Puputan Klungkung Monument is located in the middle of Semarapura City, so it easy to be reached from the side of Denpasar, Besakih and Candi Dasa, because it standing in route of the busy traffic. The location of the Puputan Klungkung Monument very strategic because of being adjacent to Kertha Gosa/the Gili Garden, the Shopping Centre, the Traditional Market and the government Office.

The height of this monument is about 28 metres from the base of tthe monument. The shape of the monumenty is cone called Ligga - Yoni, it located in the middle of the Semarapura city wich was built in the area measuring 123 square metre. This monument name's is the Puputan Klungkung Monument whose anounce officially by Secretary of The Interior at April 28, 1992. All this monument building is made with the black stone, it suitable with the meaning of Hindu philosophy that the war sould be done completely that carried out by best generations of klungkung kingdom together with his people.


The big nation is the nation that could appreciate his hero's services, that is the series of word motifated the regional Regency government of Klungkung to build the Puputan Klungkung Monument in order to recalls and appreciates services of the heroes who fell and was willing to sacrifice his body and soul as well as his property in maintaining and holding the self-esteem from the rape by colonial. The Puputan Klungkung Monument wich is the Memorial from a historic war that happened on Tuesday, April 28, 1908 and in this monument had happened the war to against Dutch Coloniser. The Klungkung people really honored and loved their fatherland, they were supervised by the management of a king who had the power at that time they were killed during war againt the Dutch colonization. Eventhough the territory of Klungkung regency only small area if compare with the Indonesian Archipelago territory, but they could defend their territory and right through Klungkung war.

The Klungkung monument had the cone shape called Lingga and Yoni was established on the area measuring 123 square metre, complete with 4 gazebos on the each corner of the yard. On the ground level of lingga there is a square hall with 4 gateways position in east, west, south and north. The height of the monument is 28 m. Whereas between the building in the ground level and the lingga there is done building with eight sided decorated by 19 painting lotus flower . All those number reflecting the date of Puputan KLungkung War on April 28, 1908, wich is currently commemorated every year. Whereas in the room of the monument completed with the diorama, that depicted the struggle for the people Klungkung with his king.

How To Get To Puputan Klungkung Monument

  1. 1 hour from Sanur Beach
  2. 45 minutes from Gianyar
  3. 45 minutes from Candidasa

What You Can See Around Puputan Klungkung Monument

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