Bamboo Forest

Bamboo Forest offers a cool and fresh air and beautiful sounds can be heard when the bamboo trees making contact to each other. This forest is located at Kubu Village, some 5 kms from Bangli Town and some 700 meters above sea surface. It is close from Penglipuran Village, to the North.

How To Get To Bamboo Forest

  1. 10 minutes from city of Bangli
  2. 1 hour from Denpasar
  3. 20 minutes from Kintamani

What You Can See Around Bamboo Forest

  1. Kehen Temple, this temple lies at the southern foot of bangle hill at the north east of the city of bangle. The temple is luxurious with a veranda facing to the south. It is located near Sasana Budaya Bangli, just few kilometers from the main city of Bangli
  2. Penglipuran traditional Village, is a traditional village which has their own character, belong to the District Kubu - Sub-district Kubu and Bangli regency. The beauty of the village and the surrounding act that the Pengelipuran village is untouchable village by the modernization era.
  3. Volcanoes and lake Batur are the main attraction for visitors. Penelokan village provides spectacular views of this crater lake and Mount Batur, set in a vast volcanic caldera. Photo opportunities abound, but try to be there as early in the morning as you can manage before the cloud inevitably starts to gather

The Activities around Bamboo Forest

  1. Climbing Mount Batur A climb to the summit of Mount Batur - 1,700 metres and still an active volcano - to watch the sunrise is a great experience for more energetic travelers.
  2. Swimming at Toya Bungkah Hot Springs
  3. Downhill cycling from Kintamani back to Ubud