Catur Kintamani Agro Tourism is located at Catur village; it's only 12 kms from Kintamani tourism object. This area is selected to be developed tourism object its atmosphere is very cold and it has amazing beautiful view. The area is very suited for agroculture of horticulture especially oranges and coffee. But the most attractive thing for tourist who visit to Catur Agrotourism is arabica coffee farm which gives them an unforgetable experience. This agrotourism is located at Catur Village, its only 12 kms from Kintamani tourist object. This area is selected to be developed tourism object its atmosphere is very cold an it has amazing beautiful view.

How To Get To Catur Kintamani Agro Tourism

  1. 10 minutes from kintamani

What You Can See Around Catur Kintamani Agro Tourism

  1. Volcanoes and lake Batur are the main attraction for visitors. Penelokan village provides spectacular views of this crater lake and Mount Batur, set in a vast volcanic caldera. Photo opportunities abound, but try to be there as early in the morning as you can manage before the cloud inevitably starts to gather.
  2. Pura Ulun Danau Batur, one of the most important temples in Bali .The temple was rebuilt up on the caldera ridge in 1926 after an eruption of Mount Batur destroyed the old one down in the crater. There are a large number of shrines, but most visitors are drawn to the huge eleven roofed meru in the inner courtyard.
  3. Bali Aga village at Trunyan on the eastern shore of the lake by boat from Kedisan. the key attraction is the cemetery. Ancient customs retained by the Bali Aga here include the open burial of dead bodies in a pit covered by just some light cloth .One of the best things about a visit to Trunyan is the views of Mount Batur from the eastern shore of the lake. This provides a very different perspective from the usual view from the crater rim.
  4. Museum Gunungapi Batur (Batur Museum), Very close to the junction where the road from Bangli meets the main caldera rim road at Penelokan, 10PM to 5PM Monday to Friday. Well presented exhibits here include explanations of the pacific ring of fire and Indonesia's position within that, local vulcanology and the history of eruptions of Mount Batur, volcanic rocks collected locally, films and computer animations explaining why volcanoes erupt and a telescope to view the mountain. It is definitely worth to visit
  5. Toya Bungkah Hot Spring, is situated at the west bank of Lake Batur, 11 kms fro Penelokan, Kintamani District. This place is so refreshing and perfect for fishing and swimming. There is a hot spring which the water comes from the doot of Mount Batur.

Activities around Catur Kintamani Agrotourism

  1. ClimbingMount Batur A climb to the summit of Mount Batur - 1,700 metres and still an active volcano - to watch the sunrise is a great experience for more energetic travelers.
  2. Swimming at Toya Bungkah Hot Springs
  3. Trekking at Demulih Hill
  4. Downhill cycling from Kintamani back to Ubud.