Keramas Beach

Keramas does live up to its' hype. It's an excellent reefbreak in a classic black sand beach and rice field setting, and.. In a land of perfect lefts, it's one of a few perfect rights. Keramas seems to have a wind of its own and is often different than the prevailing winds at other spots.. Unfortunately Keramas' wind of it's own is often onshore. As such, Keramas is a spot for true Dawn Patrol surfing. First light. After 7am, chances are that wind is going to begin to affect the barrels. Keramas is a fun righthander for hot dog surfing when it is smaller.

In the past few years, surfers have been pushing the limits of what is considered too big to surf at Keramas. Even on the biggest days of the year, some local and international chargers have been paddling out there. While some are returning with stories, film, and photos of glory, others are being treated for broken bones, deep reef cuts, and near drownings. Keramas is a heavy wave when it is big, the reef is shallow and sharp, the currents in the end section can be fierce, and it can be difficult to exit the water. Surfer's should use extreme caution when considering paddling out in Huge surf at Keramas.

How to Get To Keramas Beach

  1. 30 minutes from Sanur
  2. 40 minutes from Kuta
  3. 30 minutes from Ubud