It lies at the capital city of klungkung, about 30 kilometers from the city of Denpasar. The roads are fairly a very good and serve as a connection from Denpasar to Karangasem. It ca be easily reached from anywhere by anything


Courts of justice, the more famous painted ceiling of the Kerta Gosa has also gone through numerous changes this century. It had to be restored after the devastating earthquake of 1917 and was again repainted during the 1930’s by Pan Sekan, a master artist from nearby village of Kamasan. Thirty years later, Pan Sekan’s son, Pan Semaris, directed the total replacement of his father’s weather-eaten ceiling. With the exception of a few panels added in the last decade, which stand out because of their crudity and the fact that acrylics instead of natural pigments were used, the ceiling is as Pan Semaris created it in 1960. In the small pavilion, you will find on the brink of three worlds. Below you to one side are the noisy bustle of modern Bali while to the other lies the old-worldly calm of the water garden, and rising overhead in a pulsating pyramid of richly painted panels (left) is the realm of gods and demons. During the thirty years of the Dutch rule, suspected criminals would be tried beneath these salutary paintings. The panels are arranged in nine layers, the lowest being a series of small panel telling five tales of Tantri’s series. Most of the 267 panels relate episodes in the story of Bima Swarga in which Bima, the most unruly of five semi-divine Pandawa brothers of the Mahabharata ventures in to the underworld to rescue the lost souls of his earthly parents. The Karmic fate of those who have transgressed is illustrated, while Bima battles with demons and overturns cauldrons in his quest. We follow Bima’s journey through the various stages of the heavens in quest of the elixir of immortality that will revive his parents. The entire epic is, in fact, a heroic journey of self-discovery. The astrological calendar appears on some panels, with particular emphasis on earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, which must have been on everyone’s mind at time.

Bale Kambang

The ceiling of the beautiful “Floating Pavilion” is painted in Klungkung style. Again, the different rows of paintings deal with various subjects. The first row is based on the astrological calendar, the second on the folk tale of Pan and Men Brayut and their children, and the upper rows on the adventures of the hero Sutasoma

Museum Semarajaya

There are a few archeological pieces and some quite interesting contemporary accounts of the 1908 puputan on display in this simple museum. There are old photos of the royalty, and displays in English as well. The rigors of salt production along the nearby coast are well documented

How To Get To Kertagosa

  1. 1 hour from Sanur
  2. 30 minutes from Gianyar
  3. 45 minutes from Candidasa

What You Can See Around Kertagosa

  1. Puputan Klungkung Monument, The big nation is the nation that could appreciate his hero's services, that is the series of word motifated the regional Regency government of Klungkung to build the Puputan Klungkung Monument in order to recalls and appreciates services of the heroes who fell and was willing to sacrifice his body and soul as well as his property in maintaining and holding the self-esteem from the rape by colonial.
  2. Nyoman Gunarsa Museum, the Museum building is designed with the blend of the Balinese architect Modern. This Museum is displayed by various classic Balinese paintings both from the ancient legacy and art-works from his owner of I Nyoman Gunarsa.
  3. Goa Lawah temple, The temple is known as Bat cave temple and one of tourist's stop for sightseeing to East Bali. The location is on the stop of a hill on the beach. The view of Nusa Penida Island across the sea is a beautiful panorama. The name of Goa Lawah means cave of bats. Where hundreds of hanging bats are never leave the cave, only flying around the area and back again. Beside bats there are snakes which some times sleeping among the cliff on the mouth of the cave.
  4. Taman Sari Temple, The beauty of this temple can be seen from nine-story and eleven-story temple buildings emerging from a pond. From the decoration style of nine story building temple describe that the building is like the Mountain of Maha Meru based by the giant's turtle wich is sank in the milk ocean.
  5. Kamasan Village is a traditional community of the painting artist. Because of intimate and old of the traditional painting expansion in Kamasan, the artists mention that the paintings in Kamasan has a special style wich is called the traditional Kamasan painting.