Kertalangu Cultural Village

Kertalangu cultural village located in the middle of 80 hectare everlasting rice cultivation at Jl. By. Pass Ngurah Rai-Sanur. This luxury placed had just 30 minutes from Ngurah Rai international Airport or 45 minutes from Nusa Dua and Kuta are. The facilities was builded in efforts of’ Development based and community’ of Kesiman Kertalangu village society. Various tourism facilities in this place are:

  1. Jogging Track Jogging track is a sport facilities as far as 4 km in the middle of rice cultivation, where the tourist could deeply enjoyable fresh atmosphere, available fresh vegetables for sells a and the processing of rice plant.
  2. Bali Handicraft Center. In this place we could see how the society processed and created various kinds of handicraft product such as: ceramics, candle, glass, resind, wind chime, earthenware vessels and wood and stone carved.
  3. Fishing Pond There are 9 fishing ponds in the middle of rice cultivation completed with gazebo and restaurant as a family recreation facilities.
  4. Kertalangu ‘Pesraman’ Cultural Village If the tourist would like to learn and practice traditional Balinese dance, instrument’gamelan’or others Balinese culture, there is an expert and friendly in structure will contented to train.
  5. SPA & Beauty Salon Alam SPA and beauty salon are available with complete, comfortable, facilities, and an expert therapists in a luxurious rice view as an other alternative to spoiled our bodys.
  6. Open Stage Any kind of events could be performed in this place e.g: wedding, launching product, birthday party, exhibition or traditional art performances’Kecak and Barong dance’(appropriate to order, especially in July 2007 minimal 40 persons; and for daily performance will started in August 2007 ).
  7. Restaurant accompanying beautiful and luxurious rice view intended join in to the environment, with a various kinds of food available for 400 persons.
  8. Foto Studio Complete and sophisticated foto technology are ready to use to make a picture before wedding or souvenir wearing a Balinese costums.

How to Get To Kertalangu Culture Village

  1. 10 minutes from Sanur
  2. 30 minutes from Kuta
  3. 45 minutes from Nusa Dua

What You Can See Around Kertalangu Culture Village

  1. Sanur Beach, Sanur has made traditional villages under Desa Sanur a bustling business and resort area. In current Sanur area, there have been standing various hotels and villas, from simple hotels, medium hotels, and luxurious hotels.
  2. Bajra Sandhi Balinese People Struggle Monument, The monument was designed by Mr. Ida Bagus Gede Yadnya, The width of its building is 4,900 square meters, while the whole square is 138,830 square meters. If we witness from a distance, the shape of the Monument looks like a Bajra (a Hindu priest’s bell) which is standing up at the Puputan Margarana square.
  3. Jagatnatha Temple, The high structure of the Padmasana is the unique shrine of the temple. Like other big temples, Jaganatha is very busy on big religious day, such as Galungan, Kuningan, Saraswati. The regular religious ceremonies are conducted on the new and full moons, shadow puppet shows are normally performed. This place is accessible within 20 minutes from Sanur.
  4. Bali Museum, Originally established in 1910, by a Dutch official who was concern at the export of culturally significant artifacts from the island, the museum was destroyed in a 1917 earthquake. It was rebuilt in the 1920s, but used mainly as a storage facility until 1932, when the German artist Walter Spies and some Dutch official revived the idea of collecting and preserving Balinese antiquities and cultural objects, and creating an ethnographic museum.
  5. Art Center / Taman Werdhi Budaya, This building was established on 14th February 1973 and has function to arrange the art and cultural attraction and supported with open stages and main buildings for: dancing, painting exhibition, seminar, music as specially big event of Bali art Festival is held on the middle of June to July every year. It’s located at Nusa Indah Street Denpasar.