Kusamba beach

Kusamba beach is the object is interest to tourist that very interesting to visited, it located around 7 km to the east from the Semarapura city. This beach is the fisherman's beach and also the place of the production of salt traditionally. Every day, we could see the fishermen looking for the fish and the salt farmer is making salt at the edge of the beach. The fisherman's boat lined up at the edge of the coast under the coconut palm, also production huts of lined-up salt all along the beach, this scenery really interesting for them who visited to this beach. For tourists who visiting Bali, this tourist object very ideal to be chosen as one of the tour.

How to Get To Kusamba Beach

  1. 1 hours from Sanur
  2. 45 minutes from Gianyar
  3. 45 minutes from Candidasa