Mandala Wisata Samuan Tiga

Mandala Wisata Samuan has a stage and halls for art and culture exhibitions, lying next to the Samuan Tiga temple. Pejeng lies between Bedulu and Tampaksiring. Pejeng is the center of an old Balinese kingdom. Forty temple and some historical relies are found here.

How to Get To Mandala Wisata Samuan Tiga

  1. 60 minutes from Sanur
  2. 60 minutes from Kuta
  3. 30 minutes from Ubud

What You Can See Mandala Wisata Samuan Tiga

  1. Yeh Pulu, the relief is carved on rock, located near Goa Gajah, between rice field and ravine. The site was rediscovered in 1925. In 1949 a simple protection was laid out to avoid water flowing on the surface of the relief. It looks like panel with the size of 25 x 2 meters.
  2. Gedong Arca Purbakala Museum, at the east end of Bedulu, on the road to Pejeng, stands the very interesting Archaeological Museum (Gedong Arca Purbakala). In the inner courtyard are 53 stufa sarcophagi of varying size which are believed to date from about 300 bc. They were found in the early seventies on 37 different sites on Bali and brought together here.
  3. Another temple in Pejeng, Pura Kebo Edan, possesses the statue of a standing giant 3.60 m tall. He is called Kebo Edan, the Mad One. The figure has a huge penis with four “penis pins” pierced through it right under the glans.
  4. Goa Gajah (elephant cave) located two kilometers east of Ubud , this complex overlooks the Petanu river and consists of a SiSwati rock-cut cave, a bathing place, a monks’ chamber, a number of Buddhists rock cut Stupa and statues , and several foundations.
  5. Tirta Empul Temple bequeathed to the people by ancient Rajadom is perhaps one of the most fascinating spot in the area. On the west side of this temple, high on the hill could be found a Presidential palace that was built during Soekarno’s time.