Sanur Beach

In 1970s Sanur was still a small traditional village with lush rice fields, high trees and coconut trees along the beach. Only Bali Beach Hotel was standing upright in contrast to the environment. The known Bali wide Sanur is consist of:

  • Banjar Taman - Sanur Kauh
  • Banjar Anggarkasih - Sanur Kaja
  • Banjar Bet Ngandang - Sanur Kelo
  • Banjar Semawang - Sanur Kangin
  • Banjar Taman - Sanur Tengah

Among these villages in Sanur there were distances of plenty rice fields belong to the original people of Sanur. Banjar Anggarkasih of Sanur Kaja is the nearest area of Sanur from Denpasar city has a distance of 6 kims. All of these Banjars are known as Sanur. While Sanur is to refer an administrative area under the head of a Perbekel or Desa. So, the group of Banjars is managed by a chief which area is called perbekalan or Desa. So if we refer to the Banjar one of the villages above, while if we refer to Sanur, it means all those Banjars.

The uniqueness of Desa Sanur is that, the Desa is headed by Perbekel of Brahmana cast from the beginning, which is only happened in Sanur. Two important fact about Desa Sanur are the black magic and beautiful tranquil white sandy beach with magnificent view of east Bali shore line, and Nusa Penida view. The fame of Sanur black magic masters have been known by everyone in Bali, and in the past one would avoid to have conflict with Sanur resident due to scaring magician. It was probably springing from these 2 facts that had attracted various artists, archaeologists, anthropologists, and writers to come to Sanur and went deep to know aspects of Sanur, or just to get inspiration of it's creations. In fact Sanur has been a center of culture from 998 AD is proved by the finding of stone pillar inscription of first known Bali king and his palace name which is still preserved at Blanjong temple, at Sanur Kelod, just near Sanur Beach hotel.

How to Get To Sanur Beach

  1. 15 minutes from Kuta
  2. 30 minutes from Nusa Dua
  3. 10 minutes from Denpasar