Soka Beach

Located :

On the west Bali around 10 km west to Tabanan city.

Description :

The place is on the traffic between Gilimanuk and East Bali. So the place is used as a cooling machine stop beside it is popular for younger generation as the week-end and holiday sight seeing. There is a restaurant in front of the beach and you can enjoy the lovely black sandy beach while you can enjoy your meal or drink. A public areas have been built for shading and parking. The beach is not special, consist of coral and black stones, the only people like there is the sound of the wave of Indian ocean. The waves at Soka Beach is big and good for surfing.

How to Get To Soka Beach

  1. 2 hours from Denpasar
  2. 45 minutes from Tabanan
  3. 1 hours from Jembrana