Taman Ayun Temple

taman-ayun.jpgTaman Ayun means a beautiful water garden. It was built in 1634 by I Gusti Agung Anom, the King of Mengwi as a center of the temples in the whole kingdom. This place is a symbol of Bhuana Alit (Micro cosmos) and Bhuana Agung (Macro cosmos), and until these days this place is still used as place to worship God Shiva.

Based on Hindu’s Religion, The world is divided into three parts, the upper world, the middle world, and the lower world. In this case, Taman Ayun has 9 meru which has many stages. Two of 4 stages meru are dedicated to Gods in Mt Agung and Mt Batur, While, the others seven stages meru are dedicated to Bhatara Majapahit. The pool that surrounds this temple is a symbol of the sea.