Teluk Sebila & Labuan Ampuak

The Labuan Ampuak region is located in the territory of Banjar Pelilit in the Atuh and Calung Coast, the height is approximately 100 metres on the sea level. The perfect concept of nature wich is known as the region of "Nyegara Gunung" where this region is surrounded by the hills, for example Tunuk Pusuh Hill, Nyahi Hill etc and the Titibehu Beach where Lombok Strait can be seen. Bangko-bangko is the place that really idial for surfing, in the offshorofe of the south part of Lombok can be seen clearly the Gili-gili (atolls) a beautiful scenery that very picturesque like Gili Pedasan, Gili Batu Abah, Gili Batu Metegen, Gili Batu Lumbung, Gili Batu Sanggah and Gili Batu Tumpeng. This area is including of one of the interesting and beautiful tour regions in all over Nusa Penida region and possibly also all over the Balinese Island region.

The Sebila Gulf

The Gulf Sebila with white sand is a beautiful, natural and very quiet gulf. If we stand in the Sebila Gulf it seems that there is no inhabitants in the gulf. It located around the Juntil Cape and Pah Gede (a perfect place for fishing). The Sebila Gulf has the depth that really idial and safe for the landing and anchored for small ships like boat. The access to the Sebila Gulf could be reach through the ocean wich is direct to the Sebila Gulf or could be reached from the mainland of Buyuk Port towards the Banjar Kelodan. In the Sebila Gulf there is a shallow well, but the quality of the well is not as good as in the Atuh Gulf.

How to Get To Teluk Sebila & Labuan Ampuak

  1. 1 hours from Sanur
  2. 45 minutes from Gianyar
  3. 30 minutes from Candidasa

What You Can See Around Teluk Sebila & Labuan Ampuak

  1. Taman Sari Temple, The beauty of this temple can be seen from nine-story and eleven-story temple buildings emerging from a pond. From the decoration style of nine story building temple describe that the building is like the Mountain of Maha Meru based by the giant's turtle wich is sank in the milk ocean.
  2. Puputan Klungkung Monument, The big nation is the nation that could appreciate his hero's services, that is the series of word motifated the regional Regency government of Klungkung to build the Puputan Klungkung Monument in order to recalls and appreciates services of the heroes who fell and was willing to sacrifice his body and soul as well as his property in maintaining and holding the self-esteem from the rape by colonial.
  3. Courts of justice, the more famous painted ceiling of the Kerta Gosa has also gone through numerous changes this century. It had to be restored after the devastating earthquake of 1917 and was again repainted during the 1930’s by Pan Sekan, a master artist from nearby village of Kamasan.
  4. Nyoman Gunarsa Museum, the Museum building is designed with the blend of the Balinese architect Modern. This Museum is displayed by various classic Balinese paintings both from the ancient legacy and art-works from his owner of I Nyoman Gunarsa.
  5. Kamasan Village is a traditional community of the painting artist. Because of intimate and old of the traditional painting expansion in Kamasan, the artists mention that the paintings in Kamasan has a special style wich is called the traditional Kamasan painting.