Tirta Empul Temple

tirta-empul-temple.jpgAs its’ name, Tirta Empul means a water source which come from deep down the ground in a wide pool. This water source is located in a temple called Tirta empul temple. The pool itself is already 1016 years old, which was built by the King of Bali Chandrabhayasinghawarmadewa in 8884 Caka or in 962M. It was described in the ancient inscription at Manukaya village.

In Usana Bali manuscript, it was told that this water source was created when Indra god fought against super villain the king of the Giant Maya Denawa. The blowing wind of Indra god pass trough the ground and the water source was created. Tirta Empul is sacred by the people, so that no every person can take a bath in this pool. In the side of this place, there is a special pool to shower however.

Near the pool, in the slope of the hill, there is a resting place for the Netherlands’s army which now had been renovated becomes a palace for the 1st Indonesian president, Soekarno.