Denpasar FlagDenpasar was originally a center of the Kingdom of Badung, eventually the central government also continues to be the Regency of Badung and Denpasar even started in 1958 also made the administrative center for the Province of Bali. By Denpasar be the center of government for Level II and Level I Badung Bali experiencing rapid growth both in terms of physical, economic, social and cultural. Physical state of Denpasar and surrounding areas have been so advanced and also the life of its people have a lot of shows characteristics and urban properties. Denpasar was the center of government, trade centers, educational centers, industrial centers and tourist center that consists of 4 sub districts, namely West Denpasar District, East Denpasar, South Denpasar Denpasar and the North. Seeing the development of the City of Denpasar from various sectors very rapidly, then there may only be handled by the Government with the status of the City Administrative. Therefore, it was time to set up a city government have the authority autonomy to control and manage urban areas so that problems of the city can be handled more quickly and accurately as well as services in urban communities more quickly.


Denpasar in 1949As with other cities in Indonesia, Denpasar is the provincial capital growth and population growth and accelerated development in all fields continue to increase, providing an enormous influence on the city itself. Similarly, the city of Denpasar which is the capital of the Regency of Badung and simultaneously also the capital of the Province of Bali has grown so rapidly. The average population growth of 4.05% per year and also accompanied the growth speed of development in various sectors, thus providing an enormous influence on the city of Denpasar, which eventually led to a variety of urban problems to be solved and addressed by the City Administrative, both in meeting needs and demands of urban communities are thus increasing. Based on the objective conditions and a variety of considerations between Level I and Level II Badung has reached an agreement to improve the status of the City of Denpasar was the city of Denpasar. And finally on January 15, 1992, Law No. 1 of 1992 on the establishment of Denpasar was born and has been inaugurated by the Minister of Home Affairs on 27 February 1992 so that a new chapter for the holding of Local Government at Level I in Bali, Badung Regency and also for the city of Denpasar. For the Province of Bali is a development that used to Region 8 Level II now into 9 Regional Level II. As for the Badung regency lost some territory as well as the potential contained therein. For the city of Denpasar which is a new chapter in governance and development which although is a Level II Regional terbungsu in the territory of the Province of Bali.

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